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Early Learning Programs

Our early learning programs for children ages 3 - 7 from 9am - 1pm Mon-Fridays are provided on a sliding scale basis. Starting at $200/month for 1 - day per week up to $850/month for 5 - days per week.

Learning through play, curiosity, observation, and experimentation, making art, gardening, and wildcrafting. We develop environmental awareness through observation and by following daily (solar), monthly (lunar), and
seasonal rhythms and celebrations to connect to the cycles and wisdom of nature.


We have small groups of up to 12 children and two teachers. Our mixed age classes have an emphasis on social-emotional skills, self-awareness, compassionate communication, gratitude, and respect for self, others, and the natural world. We use nature-based songs, creative stories, rhythm time, artistic expression, cooperative games and team projects, and of course PLAY to create the unique seasonal curriculum.


Children in these programs recognize and celebrate the authentic expression of their own instinctive nature, as they witness and help each other grow
more capable, resilient, creative, and confident.

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Drop us a line and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have and set up a tour for a meet and greet!

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