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Our Mission

Environmental Conservation, Education, and Regenerative Community Projects

We protect nature and collaborate on environmental education and regenerative projects in coordination with community members, local agencies, organizations and other non-profit groups. We work to ensure that important ecosystems, open spaces and community forests remain of benefit to all. 


Our programs prioritize the conservation of vital urban forests to provide equal access to outdoor education and youth character building programs, inspire environmental stewardship in the next generations and improve the happiness, health and resiliency of the communities we serve.

Our vision is of thriving wildlife habitats and communities in a sustainable urban environment with places for people to connect, learn and benefit from the nature that we protect together for a better tomorrow.

Protect Wildlife Habitat 

Taking action on conservation, restoration, reducing invasive species, and cleaning our forests

Building Community 

Growing healthy communities through education, events, and  service-learning opportunities 

Environmental Stewardship 

Learning how to care for our ecosystems, wildlife habitat, and support their regeneration

Food Cultivation

From seed to harvest, community gardens to food forests, teaching people how to grow food & cohabitate

Boy Leaning Against a Tree
Logs in Forest

What’s the Problem?


Habitat Loss. The alarming rate of conversion of forests and open spaces to urban development is a major threat to wildlife habitats and the well-being of our communities.


Social Crisis. With the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on our children's development of social skills, there is a great need and demand for outdoor education and spaces where children can safely play and learn together.


Mental Health. This global pandemic has also resulted in an even greater mental health crisis and access to nature and community connections has been shown to greatly improve mental and emotional well-being.


What are we doing about it?

As a group of concerned mothers and professionals, we've formed the Community Nature Foundation with a mission to protect urban forests from the threat of development. We collaborate with outdoor education programs to provide equal access to nature-based learning opportunities and organize community building events and restoration projects.

We are learning to take better care of our communities and this one precious planet.

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Save Fern Gully Forest
Our first conservation and education project!

Help Us Save this Vital Urban Forest!

Help us save Fern Gully Forest for the wildlife, the children, and the future! This has been an unofficial community forest on the east side of the City of Olympia for many generations. However, the beautiful forest with ancient cedar groves are in threat of development.


The good news is that the development company is willing to sell to the nonprofit if we can raise the funds fast enough.

Please help by donating today!

The vision is to protect the forest for wildlife habitat and people to enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature. We partner with Fern Gully Forest School to provide equal access for children to learn through playing outside to build character and resiliency, and develop a lifelong connection with nature that inspires environmental stewardship and a brighter future.

The first goal is to purchase the half acre of forest that includes the old growth cedar grove, which is most vulnerable to development. The second goal is to restore the forest ecosystem from decades of degradation.

Thank you so much for being a part of saving this urban forest, protecting important remnants of wildlife habitat, and cultivating resilient communities with children that are well-educated, resourceful, creative, and connected to the wisdom and medicine in nature.

Get Involved

Make a Difference in the Community and the Environment for Future Generations.

Believe in what we do and want to be a part of it? Feel that you have what it takes to start turning dreams into a reality? We’re sure you belong here at the Community Nature Foundation. We love meeting people who share the same values as us. Get in touch today and join us in making a long-lasting impact.

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