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Save Fern Gully Forest

$23,057 RAISED OF $40,000 GOAL

A community forest in Olympia lovingly referred to as Fern Gully Forest with beautiful ancient Red Cedar trees is AT RISK! This 'small but mighty' urban forest provides vital habitat for wildlife and is also home to outdoor education programs for children. Sadly, the remaining forests in this watershed are rapidly being destroyed by suburban sprawl.


But there's good news! A small parcel in the heart of the forest was donated to the nonprofit. And what's more and truly amazing is that the development company that owns the remaining acre of the forest with old growth trees is supportive of our mission and they want to sell to us. We have been working with them for two years, but they won't wait much longer!


We need your help to raise the funds fast! You can be a part of creating a better future by giving what you can today. Even a little can MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.

The vision is to conserve the forest for vital urban wildlife habitat, for the services these ecosystems provide, and for people to enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature.


We are partnering with Fern Gully Forest School to provide outdoor education where children and families can safely socialize, play, learn and develop a lifelong connection and care for the environment FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

Please mail larger donations to:

Community Nature Foundation

1443 Brown St SE 

Olympia, WA 98501

You Can Make a Difference

Your donation will be used to... 

Conserve Nature & Urban Forests

Inspire Acts of Service

Create Community Gardens

Restore Ecosystems & Wildlife Habitat 

Provide Equal Access to Outdoor Education

Cultivate Community Resiliency


Mission 1

Conserve the acre of urban forest that is the most vulnerable to development. With your help, we are raising the funds necessary to purchase and protect the forest from development by putting it into conservation for the wildlife, the community, the children, and the future.


Mission 2

Our community forests provide sanctuaries for wildlife and people, and a place for outdoor education and service learning opportunities. We create spaces where youth and people of all incomes can connect with the wisdom and medicine in nature, explore and  enjoy the beauty, and increase environmental awareness and community resiliency.


Mission 3

In collaboration with communities, businesses, organizations, and other nonprofits, we work to provide equal access to community forests and outdoor education, create community gardens, and plan fundraising events with environmentally conscious teachings and regenerative practices for a better tomorrow.

You Can Help by Spreading the Word

We rely on grassroots efforts and people like you that care and want to share. Download a one-page flyer that you can email or print to share with everyone that you think would be interested and can help us meet the goal to save the forest!

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