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CNF Awarded a Grant from the Community Sustaining Fund

We are celebrating the recent award of a grant from the Community Sustaining Fund (CSF) for our efforts to protect and conserve urban forest lands. The CSF provides micro grants to individuals and organizations who are working to strengthen the fabric of people, communities, and environment in Thurston County. More information can be found on their website here.

The CSF representative, Keith Dublanica had this to say about the award of the competitive grant funds to the CNF: “Their passion is quite evident, as is their commitment to outreach and community education.” These funds are dedicated to the 'Save Fern Gully Forest' project and will be used to organize an Equinox Festival in the spring of 2023 to raise funds to save the remaining acre of this beloved community forest, which includes old growth Western Red Cedar Trees, that’s at highest risk of development. This fundraising event will focus on environmentally conscious practices, networking, and community building workshops, as well as fun family-friendly activities, live music, and dancing to celebrate the Spring Equinox.


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